I have a deep fondness for Port Moody's many townhomes and apartments I grew up around, and regardless of developer assurances, am deeply troubled about the loss of any of this affordable housing stock. My goal in this campaign for a seat on city council is not only to earn your vote, but to broaden our understanding of why redevelopment is coming to Port Moody, and how city council has failed to get a better deal for renters and working people in the context of this capital flow. These policy horizons are my vision to protect and expand the livelihoods of workers and renters in this city. Horizons that I will never cease laboring towards. Thank you.


Increase the existing developer amenity contribution from 15% of all units set at non-market rate, or 6% of units at shelter rate, to 30% at non market rate, or 15% at shelter rate.

Establish the Port Moody Community Trust to unify strata across the city on an opt-in basis, and to purchase land for the construction of further co-op apartments and townhomes that operate along principles of democratic accountability.

Build a new branch of city operations, Inlet Trust Construction, responsible for the construction and maintenance of new homes on Trust land that prioritizes hiring local residents into lifelong union membership.

Unapologetically beseech the provincial government to legislate amalgamation with the Villages of Anmore and Belcarra.

Join the growing chorus of BC municipalities calling on the province to legislate changes to amend the community charger, so we may bring in vacancy controls and institute a mansion tax beginning at 1% on single-family homes priced over $4,000,000 that scales to 2% over $8,000,000.


Prioritize deeply affordable street level art studio spaces on St. John's and Clarke street development proposals.

A Two to Four-Screen Cinema should be at the centrepiece of any Moody Centre development proposal. Study the viability of operations falling under the direction of city staff.

A Great Hall adjacent to the cinema house that will serve as a large indoor space for a multitude of public arts events at Moody Centre, and can host a variety of permanent or rotating local food vendors to serve as fare for cinemagoers.

Procure an additional floor of this Moody Centre development complex towards an interactive, instagrammable pop gallery/ museum ran by city recreational department staff.

Negotiate with the Edgar development to procure a city-ran billiards and games hall as a nexus for community life and arts curation for College Park/Seaview/Glenayre. Initiate discussions with future small proprietors about securing an open mic night for further community livelihood on Cecile drive.

Provide an honorarium (one-time payment) to long-term community volunteers and advocates suffering during this housing crisis with the tax windfall from new developments.

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